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2019-11-08 | Updated: Arronax

2019-11-08 | Updated: Mininax

2019-10-29 | Added: Tezos Live

Tezos Official Website

Tezos official website with a lot of useful information and documentation. Learn more about what makes Tezos a game changer and sign up for the newsletter.

Tezos GitLab

Tezos repository at GitLab containing all the source code and latest commits. Check out what the dev team are working on or dig down into the code.

Tezos Foundation

The Tezos Foundation's official homepage with regular news and updates about the Tezos project.

Tezos Commons Foundation

A foundation started as a grassroot movement by the community. The main objective is to grow the Tezos ecosystem by increasing the awareness and engaging the community.

The Tocqueville Group (TQ)

The Tocqueville Group (TQ) works to advance the Tezos ecosystem by creating open source software and other public goods, providing support to projects and companies building on Tezos, and connecting the global Tezos community.

Tezos Southeast Asia

TSA is an organisation that work for adoption of Tezos in the Southeast Asia region through training, increased awareness and industrial partnerships.

Tezos Korea Foundation

A foundation set up in Korea to build and support the ecosystem there with education and industry support.

Tezos India Foundation

TIF is an independent non-profit organisation based in Bangalore, dedicated to promote the Tezos blockchain in India.

Tezos Japan

Tezos Japan supports developers and businesses and work to develop the community and awareness of Tezos in Japan.

Tezos Berlin

Tezos Berlin is a nonprofit that contributes to the advancement of the Tezos ecosystem. It is dedicated to fostering community, development, and collaborative efforts. Through the hosting of various events, meetings, and workshops, the organization brings a wide array of people together and provides support for them to work with and on Tezos.

Tezos China

A non-profit organisation based in Hong Kong that support developers and businesses in China.


Tezos subreddit with a large and engaging community. Don't forget to subscribe here so you don't miss out the latest news and discussions about Tezos.


Tezos Riot chat is where you can you can engage with the community and find the most active community members.


Telegram groups for Tezos discussions. With an active and engaged community in your pocket.

Tezos community in South Korea

A website dedicated for the large Tezos community in South Korea.


A block explorer from AirGap that gives you all the information you need about the blocks and your transactions.


TzStats is a block explorer with a lot of tools for analysing the blockchain data in an intuitive way.


Arronax is a blockchain analytics tools for Tezos. Allows you to easily filter out data based on different conditions.

Better Call Dev

Better Call Dev is a smart contract explorer that lets you explore the code and state of contracts.


Tezos.id is a block explorer rich on functionality. Maintained by the Asian community and comes with multi-language support.

TZ Tracker

A block explorer developed by Everstake that presents all the data you need in a convenient way.


A minimalistic block explorer in retro theme, powered by Conseil.


Desktop wallet deveoped by Cryptonomic. Available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.


Multiplatform wallet with DAPP-integration.


Tezos wallet that you can access in the browser or download as a client on Windows and Linux. Also allows you to set up offline wallets, so you can store your secret key much safer.

Simple Staking

A desktop and web wallet developed by an active community member. The first one to pave the way for Trezor support.


Smartphone wallet that let you do offline signing in a smart way. Just disconnect an old smartphone from Internet and you have created a secure air-gap to protect your private keys.


Cortez for Android is a native mobile wallet for the Tezos blockchain.


Tezos wallet, available on Google Play and Microsoft Store.


With Wetez, you get rewards for every PoS token in your wallet.

My Tezos baker

My Tezos Baker have a large list of different delegation services. A lot of useful stats are shown that makes it easier to make an informed choice.

Baking Bad

Independent service to calculate rewards for delegation Tezos and matching it with actual received payments.

Tezos nodes

Tezos Nodes is a rating service for public bakers. A score is calculated based on efficiency, fee and projects activity.


A website that compares and tracks the performance of all the bakers.

Tezos Documentation

Technical documentation about Tezos collected in one place. Learn how to start up your own node or how to start baking.

Stack Exchange

Tezos Stack Exchange where questions meet answers.

Tezos Capstone

Tezos Capstone is designed for developers. You can learn core blockchain and Tezos concepts, and practical dApp development experience. Start your path as a Tezos blockchain developer.


Zastrin teaches you blockchain programming through real-world projects.

TQ Tezos Wiki

The TQ Tezos Wiki is a place to get started and learn about Tezos. It also aims to answer the frequently asked questions about the Tezos protocol & the Tezos ecosystem. This wiki aspires to be a living document that will evolve as the Tezos protocol (and ecosystem) evolves.

Tezos Blockstars by B9lab

Tezos Blockstars by B9lab. Fast-track your education to building on Tezos. Tezos Blockstars is an end-to-end program supported by experienced tutors at B9lab and designed to provide developers with the knowledge and skills needed to become industry-leading Tezos developers.

Michelson-tutorial by camlCase

An introduction to writing smart contracts on Tezos.

Language Paper

Documentation of the Michelson smart contract language. Here you learn the smart contract language for Tezos in deep.

Getting started with Tezos

An easy tutorial on how to get started with Tezos and Michelson. A great place to start for a first look into the smart contract language.


LIGO is a smart contract language that compiles down to Michelson. It comes with a pascal-like (PascaLIGO) or caml-like (CameLIGO) syntax.


SmartPy is a high-level smart contracts library that opens smart contract development for people familiar with the popular Python syntax. SmartPy compiles to SmartML, which in its turn compiles down to Michelson code.


Lamtez is Domain-Specific Language for smart contracts, and its compiler to Michelson, Tezos' virtual machine for smart contracts execution.


Archetype is a domain-specific language (DSL) to develop smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain, with a specific focus on the formal verification of the contract.


fi is an interpreted language for Michelson, allowing programmers to easily develop Tezos smart contracts and validate the compiled Michelson code.


A JavaScript library for Tezos.


Conseil is a query API for the Tezos blockchain. With the JavaScript library ConseilJS it becomes easy to interact with the Tezos blockchain.


A Python library that offers a toolset for the Tezos blockchain.


A TypeScript library suit for development on the Tezos blockchain.

AirGap Coin Library

A library that offers a unified API to prepare, sign and broadcast for Tezos among other cryptocurrencies.

Go Tezos

A GoLang library for easily interaction with the Tezos blockchain.


Tplus is a tool that makes it easier to manage nodes. With an easy graphical interface you can create new test enviroments with just a click. Perfect for anyone working on smart contract deployments.

Tezos IntelliJ

A plugin that enables Michelson support for all IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform.

Try Michelson

An easy tool online to try out Michelson. No need to set up a node or connect to the testnet with this handy tool.


Kiln is a tool for baking and monitoring of the Tezos network. It provides the user with a graphical user interface and an alert system.

Tezos Live

Tezos Live provides a SignalR (WebSocket) endpoint for anyone who want to consume events from the Tezos blockchain. You can use Tezos as a service (TaaS) or set up your own endpoint.

Tezos Notifier Bot

Tezos Notifier Bot is a blockchain bot that can notify users on Telegram about transactions and other events on the Tezos blockchain.

Tezos Agora

Tezos Agora is discussion forum and a governance explorer designed to complement the on-chain amendment process. It's the best place to visit if your want to participate in deep discussions or just learn more about Tezos governance mechanism.

Tezos Insider

Tezos Insider’s mission is to offer the Tezos community useful tools, Tezos interviews, educational information, and researched tutorials by our software developers on how to use new Tezos Dapps, projects, and tools. Tezos Insider is a self-funded media venture.


The first dice game on Tezos.

Tezos tunes

Tezos inspired music created by the community's own DJ.

Tezos Projects

List of projects built on tezos.

Tezos Rocks

Additional indexing of Tezos web resources.